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Furor Gallico_
Furor Gallico

For somebody reading this and hearing about the band for the first time, how would you describe your history ?
Hi everybody first of all!! Let’s start… the history of Furor Gallico…. We started playing on 2007 just for fun, for make music and have fun. At the beginning we were 5 and with a different lineup, and during our carrier we find other strumentist that enjoyed with us! We have published a demo, 390 b.C. – The Glorious dawn, and the full length Furor Gallico on 2009 reprinted by Massacre Records on 2011. We continue to play live in Italy and in Europe for promoting our work… we are very satisfied!

This firt album is a reedition of your second self-financed album. Are you satisfied with Massacre records for this collaboration concerning the distribution / promotion ?
Of course we are ! Massacre Records is doing a good job with us, we receive a lot of compliments from other countries, a lot of new people appreciate our work..

Who were your musical inspirations ?
Our real music inspiration is the ensemble of all our music preferences.. we listen all kind of music, with our preferencues, of course… we like extreme metal (death, brutal death, black exc..) traditional music, Italian rock ’70, classic music…. And everybody of us put his preferenes in every songs.. and, of course, celtic culture!!

Furor Gallico's music has been described as folk/black/Celtic metal. Are you comfortable with those labels ?
Yes we are.. we make music with celtic inspirations, but we have very heavy parts inside of the songs… growl and scream voices, blast beat, and slow melodies with traditional instruments ad violin, tin and low whistes, celtic harp and irish bouzouki.. maybe more death than black… but is ok also as folk/black/Celtic metal hehe...

What inspired your lyrics ?
Our History, our culture… we are Italian an here in our country there are a lot of legends, as “La Caccia Morta”, or different celtic oracles as “Miracolous Child”, the foundation of Milano by the druid Belloveso that called our city “Medhelan”.. in general celtic culture, our roots.

Describe the songwriting and recording process for "Furor Gallico".
Some of the songs you can hear in our CD has been written in 2007, when we formed the band.. “The gods Have Returned” was the first, “Cathubodva” and “La Caccia Morta” immediately after “The Gods..” the songwriting of these songs was different than “Banshee” or “the Glorious Dawn”, last songs we have written, because with time there is more feeling between us… but in general… everybody us take part of the composition! One of us bring a new riff and everybody us make on the arrangements. The songs is not finish if all of us are not happy of the result! And about the recording we have to thanks Merogaisus, our ex polistrumentist now in Folk Stone with the name of Mauri. We recorded the album in his studio and he made a perfect job, with a lot of patience..

Did you play in any bands before Furor Gallico ?
Some of us had or has other experiences.. Simo join also in Bastard Saints, Italian Brutal Death band, Laura and Becky had a band before Furor Gallico as Oldhan, Ste and Fabio… Pagan and Paolo are the younger of the band and, apart some bands for fun, this is the first real musical experience for them.

Do you have any final words for our readers ?
Thanks to everybody has ridden our words, everybody like our music and everybody buy our album hehe you can join us on our myspace or our facebook page… and thank you for this interview!!!

Davide “Pagan” Cicalese

Philippe Duarte

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